• banana stem, often sliced to use as pig food, or boiled with spices to make the vegetable called ares
  • used as the base into which Wayang Kulit puppets are stuck during a performance, also used as the central column of a high offering into which cakes, fruits, etc., are skewered.
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Luung-luungan , tusing makelo tuwuhn
Literally: the very best banana stems don't last for a long time; said about apparently attractive things that are only short-lived

Ulah egar I Nyoman Punduh maan meli TV ane mudah. Mara anggona aminggu, suba usak Tvne tusing ngenah gambar. Peh. . saja luung-luungan , tusing makelo tuuhne.
[example 1]
I Nyoman Punduh was so happy when he bought an inexpensive TV. After a week, his TV was broken, there was no picture at all. Well …it's true that however good a banana trunk is, it wouldn't last long.

Lalita: "Engken to, Mbo Tu."

Dila: "Ne, Mbo matatu." Lalita: "Yen matatu, kerikan gedebong ubadne."

Pelut lan kutang kulit gedebong ane paling sisi. Kerik kulit gedebong sane nyalig. Tempel kerikan gedebong ring tatune.
[example 2]
Lalita: "What is happening, Sis?"

Dila: "I've cut myself." Lalita: "For the cut, scraping from banana trunk is the treatment."

Peel and discard the outer layer of the trunk. Scrape the soft layer. Put the scraping on the cut.

  1. Fred Eiseman
  2. Taru Pramana