• A tree that can grow as high as 20 meters with a diameter of 4 to 6 meters. It is usually found in home gardens, secondary forests and coconut plantations. The fruit contains fiber and Vitamin C and the seeds contain high amounts of carbohydrates.
  • Otaheite chestnut; Tahitian chestnut.
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Tahitian chesnut

Titiang taru gatep, daging tis, akah tis, don panes, babakan dumulada. Titiang dados anggen tamba menjen, rereh babakan tiangen anggon loloh, ra gula batu, uleg peres, saring lantas kainem.
[example 1]
I am the gayam tree. The substance content is cold, my leaves are hot and my bark is medium. I can be used for dysentery and typhoid. Take my bark for herbal medicine. Mix my bark with rock sugar and grind the mixture finely, then strain and drink it.

Titiang sungkan diare. Meme titiange nganikanin titiang inem toya sane sampun karebus aji don gatep. Ambil limang lembar don gatep sane sampun kabersihang aji toya. Getep don gatep kanti alit-alit lantas kaseduh aji duang gelas toya. Saring lantas kainem semeng lan sanja sedina dina.
[example 2]
I suffered from diarrhea for a couple of days. My mother told me to drink the liquid obtained from boiling gayam leaves. Take about five washed gayam leaves. Cut the leaves into small pieces and boil them in two glasses of water. Strain the mixture and drink the liquid twice a day, morning and evening.

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