Yayasan Konservasi Sawah Bali

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Name of Environmental Initiative
Yayasan Konservasi Sawah Bali
Sustainability Development Goals
  • No Poverty
  • Zero Hunger
  • Good Health and Well-being
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Reduced Inequality
  • Climate Action
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Category of Environmental Innovation or Project

Organic Farming,Water Protection

What's the innovation or project?

Conserving Bali's rice paddies and cultivating new markets for farmers. The mission of Sawah Bali is to conserve and sustain a working landscape in Bali and to restructure agricultural production to secure greater economic equality and wellness for Bali's farmers.

Why does the innovation or project matter?

Please read the Pilot Project report at https://www.sawahbali.org

How do you or your team know that the innovation or project is working (or making a positive contribution)?

What has contributed to the innovation or project working?

What else would help the innovation or project be more successful?

Is the innovation or project self-sustaining? If not, what needs to be done for that to happen?

What Balinese value does this initiative invoke?

Tri Hita Karana, Subak

People/groups to contact

Chakra Widia- chakra.widia@gmail.com Phyllis Kaplan- phiphikaplan.sawahbali@gmail.com