Ngolah Luu Botol Plastik dadi Kebun Vertikal

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Ngolah Luu Botol Plastik dadi Kebun Vertikal
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Ngolah Luu

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With the proliferation of modern coffee shops that still use plastic containers, this waste of used plastic containers has the potential to cause environmental problems if they are not used anymore. Myself and the BASAbali Wiki team in the Peguyangan area of Denpasar, in collaboration with Kaki Bentuyung Nursery, took the initiative to create a vertical garden program using the waste of used drink containers. Through this program, it is hoped that it will have an impact on reducing plastic waste pollution, especially used drink containers on the ground and rivers. Come on, let's take creative action to save the environment from trash! If not us, who else? thank you

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