Celeng Alase

  • the wild boar (Noun)
  • suffix {e} states ownership or clarifies the words that are followed. Almost the same as the 'the' particle in English. In the word 'celeng alase' can be interpreted as 'the wild boar'
Celeng Alase
Celeng Alase
Unknown [edit]
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Marasa tusing trima bukunne grudaga, Luh Ayu Manik lantas nyuti rupa dadi Luh Ayu Manik Mas sahasa nglawan raksasa-raksasane ento padidian. Saget celeng alase ngomong kene, “Ih, Luh Ayu Manik Mas! Adi icang tusing runguang? Telah uyak ngetnget lan tetani! Ne suba jani icang teken timpal-timpale pesu uling bukune. Inguh sajan icang jak timpal-timpale dini! Kalingan bakat baan maca, nyemak buku lan ngedasin dogen tusing maan! Saja percuma, yen ada manusa tuah nyimpen buku dogen nanging tuara ada keneh mamaca lan ngupa pira buku!!”
[example 1]
Unable to take any more of seeing her books being treated like this, Luh Ayu Manik transformed herself into Luh Ayu Manik Mas and prepared to fight the demons herself. The wild pig then said, “Hey, Luh Ayu Manik Mas. How come you don't pay us any attention? We are being eaten by moths and termites! So my friends and I have now decided to come out from these books. We are very unhappy being in this place. Not only are we not read, we're not even picked up and cleaned! What's the point of people just having books without any intention of reading or looking after them?”

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