• laurel (Guttiferae)
  • alexandrian laurel, medium size beach tre e that produces spherical fruit about 3 cm. in diameter
Unknown [edit]
Unknown [edit]
Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Punyan camplunge ento tegeh carangne ipak.
No translation exists for this example.

Tiang cara canting camplung.
[example 1]
I am like a dipper made of camplung fruit. [proverb] ‘Camplung’ produces a spherical fruit that is not very big. So, a dipper made of this fruit would be rather small and would not hold much. This expression is used to indicate that one does not have much money. For example, it is used if someone come around to borrow money. It may also be used if someone says to you that he knows or thinks that you have a lot of money. You would use this expression in reply.

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