Ulat-ulatan - traditional basketry in Bali

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Ulat-ulatan - traditional basketry in Bali
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                        This book is a detailed description of Ulat-ulatan, traditional Balinese basketry, covering all of the traditional types of Balinese baskets and related woven materials, the materials from which they are made, and photographs and diagrams of how they are made. Utilitarian Balinese basketry as a craft has long lived in the shadow of the more heavily hyped, flamboyant painting, silverwork, and wood carving. yet basketry is much more a product of traditional Balinese culture than these other forms that have been specifically created for the tourist trade and are seldom used by Balinese people themselves. Long before souvenir seekers arrived in Bali, basketry was being made in almost exactly the same fashion as one sees it today. No Balinese household can function without half a dozen or more varieties of these products, all made by hand from native materials to meet the needs of daily chores. They are rugged, light in weight, cheap , functional, and available in every village market. They represent a craft made by Balinese people for Balinese consumption. Visitors to Bali will find that these crafts may be just as useful or even decorative in their own homes.