Fred Eiseman Jr.

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Many decades Eiseman Jr. spend in his second home Bali, but his stunning biography shows a curious explorer far beyond Bali.

Born in Mark Twains Missouri 1926, nature and indigenous culture soon became his passion. 11 years old he visited the Great Canyon the first time in 1937. At the age of 12 he joined Prairie Trek Expeditions in the South West in his summer school holidays.

In war time he completed his studies and became a highly acclaimed teacher in the 50s, teaching Earth science, chemistry, and physics, publishing on these topics and receiving a a nation-wide teacher award 1959. In school holidays he would continue to explore the Grand Canyon, becoming an experienced river guide and a good friend of Hopi and Navajo Indians.

In the 70s he came to Bali his first time, to stay here almost the rest of his life.

Fred Eiseman Jr. died April 6, 2013 in Arizona, his ashes have been returned to Bali.

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Examples of work

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