The Language of Balinese Shadow Theater

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The Language of Balinese Shadow Theater
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    Princeton University Press
    Publication date
    July 14, 2014, originally published in 1987.
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                    "As the painting of a village shadow play that is reproduced on the dust jacket of this handsome book vividly illustrates, everything in Bali tends toward luxuriant complexity. Language is no exception: Balinese have long been inclined to take on other people’s languages and maintain them as distinct codes, available for use in specific contexts but never completely melded into a single entity one could call “Balinese.” So in the communicative thickets one finds: in everyday speech, an intricate system of speech registers indicating degrees of status and intimacy; in religious ritual, Sanskrit; in ritual and performances, Old Javanese; and increasingly, in official settings, the national language of Indonesian...."