Memories of the Sacred

Memories of the Sacred Rio Helmi.jpg
Memories of the Sacred
    Afterhours Books
    Publication date
    April 2010
    • sekala
    • niskala
    • photography
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                  “Memories of the Sacred” represents part of an ongoing series of photographs that Rio has been working on in Bali for the last 30 years. Despite the rampant overdevelopment and commercialization of parts of the island, a certain spirit lives on. It is a set of impressions and ‘memories’ of a certain intangible spirit that pervaded the Bali we experienced, and that manifests in surprising yet regular ways through classic Balinese spiritual culture. The Balinese themselves express all that in a much simpler way: Sekala/Niskala (What You See and What You Don’t). This book is Rio’s first truly-personal photography book, and it is a book that reflects a large and important period of his life.