Bali: Temple Festival

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Bali: Temple Festival
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    J.J. Augustin
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    • ethnography
    • culture
    • customs
    • religion
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                  From series Monographs American Ethnological Society, no 22. From her extensive material collected in Bali between 1931 and 1939, Jane Belo has isolated and presented in this edited volume a systematic description of an odalan, anniversary temple festival, when the gods of the temple are invited to descend to their temporary residence where they are entertained with refreshments, music, dances and contests and then sent home again. The monograph, divided into four chapters, contains a careful record of events as they unfolded at Pura Nagasari of the village Sajan during one week of April 1937. The introduction and the brief first chapter place these events into broader context of Balinese ritual life. Chapter two is devoted to three days of preparations preceding the festival. The third and major chapter deals with the principal day of odalan - it lasted from dawn to 2.30 am the following day - when the gods were brought down. The subsequent three days of entertainment and offerings followed by the send-off of the gods on the morning of the fourth day are described in the last chapter.