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Mark Hobart is Emeritus Professor of Critical Media and Cultural Studies at SOAS, University of London. Mark's research interests include philosophical issues in Anthropology, Cultural and Media Studies. Currently he is running a project on cultural styles of argument and rhetoric entitled 'How Indonesians Argue', which aims to explore the practices that constitute what we usually call 'culture' or 'society'. Having carried out over eight years of intensive ethnography in Indonesia, his interest is driven by awareness of the unappreciated gulf between academic theorizing and concepts on the one hand and how people act, judge and interpret their own actions.

Bali-related publications include:

Hobart, Mark (2017) 'Bali is a battlefield Or the triumph of the imaginary over actuality'. Jurnal Kajian Bali (Journal of Bali Studies), (7) 1, pp 187-212.

Hobart, Mark (2011) 'The relevance of cultural and media studies to theatre and television in Bali'. Jurnal Kajian Bali (Journal of Bali Studies), (1) 2, pp 63-75.

Hobart, Mark (2011) 'Bali is a brand: a critical approach'. Jurnal Kajian Bali (Journal of Bali Studies), (1) 1, pp 1-26.

Hobart, Mark (2010) 'Rich kids can’t cry: reflections on the viewing subject in Bali'. About Performance, (10), pp 199-222.

Hobart, Mark (2007) 'Rethinking Balinese Dance'. Indonesia and the Malay World, (35) 101, pp 107-128.

Hobart, Mark (2000) 'The end of the world news: television and a problem of articulation in Bali'. International journal of cultural studies, (3) 1, pp 79-102.

Hobart, Mark (1997) 'The missing subject: Balinese time and the elimination of history'. Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs, (31) 1, pp 123-172.

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