Ida Arimurti Sanjiwani

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Ida Arimurti Sanjiwani
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Ida Arimurti Sanjiwani
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Ida Arimurti Sanjiwani studied nursing for undergraduate at Udayana University. She completed her undergraduate studies in 2020 and continued the nursing profession for one year. since 2012 Ida started working in the field of education. Ida was accepted as a teaching assistant and took a training period of 3 months. after that she was appointed as a part-time lecturer for a while then became a contract lecturer since 2013. Ida had the opportunity to take a master's degree in nursing at the University of Indonesia for 2 years in the maternity department. but Ida did not continue the specialist program due to several considerations. Currently, Ida is one of the lecturers in the maternity nursing department and is currently a permanent lecturer at the University of Udayana since 2018.

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Sexual education is an important think that parents can do to prevent free sex and it effects in adolescent. It is possible because family is the first place of education, but it appears to be inadequately practiced in Indonesia. This study aims to determine parent experience to provide sexual education in adolescents. We used a phenomenology interpretative approach in this study. We collected the data through in-depth interviews with ten parents. We found five themes: (1) good perception about sexual education, (2) sexual education delivered assisted by social media, (3) the topic is free sex, (4) difficult to start because of taboo and shame, (5) need support from health worker. The study reveals that sexual education is limited and need to be increased. It is essential that Indonesian parents become better informed and skilled, so that they may be involved in the sexual education of adolescent start from their family.
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