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Gill Marais is a photojournalist and author of the book "Bali Sacred & Secret".

She began her career with SIPA Press in Paris, and has reported in the field of culture, medicine and travel. Her book, The Amchi, on travels with a Tibetan doctor has been published in France, England and India. Born in South Africa, after her marriage to a French Diplomat, France has been her home for over forty years. Her work has taken her through North America, North Africa, Kenya, the Middle East, Europe, Russia, India, Pakistan, China and South East Asia. She resides in Bali for six months of the year, and has two grown children.

She is an old Bali hand who has counted among her mentors, sponsors, friends and neighbors some of the great contemporary names in Balinese scholarship and spiritual and cultural leadership: Linda Garland, Lorne Blair, Jean Couteau, Diana Darling, Michel Picard, Rucina Ballinger, Leonard Leuras, Ratu Ida Pedanda and Balian Usada Tjokorda Rai of Negeri, to name just a few.

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