Anak Agung Gde Putera Semadi

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Anak Agung Gde Putera Semadi
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Anak Agung Gde Putera Semadi
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Dr. Semadi adalah dosen aktif pada program studi Ilmu Hukum, Universitas Dwijendra, Bali Indonesia. Dengan pendidikan tertinggi adalah S3 yang diperolehnya dari Universitas Udayana pada tahun 2015, Dr. Semadi juga adalah pemerhati isu-isu sosial dan hukum di Bali serta aktif menulis di berbagai media.

Examples of work

Bali tourism performance art is a form of an art which is purposely processed to be served to tourists. This art has theatrical and spectacular characteristics which accentuate visual attractiveness more than scared, magical, and symbolic values. Some kinds of art such as Legong Dance, Ramayana Ballet, Barong and Keris Dance, Monkey Dance, Face Mask Dance, and Shadow Puppet Dance have been being main menu of art spectacle in Bali. Bali tourism performance art has appeared in a new package since 1980. This concept was dominantly affected by postmodern aesthetic characteristics such as: Pastiche, Parody, Kitsch, Camp, and Skizofrenia. Its purpose was to make performance art became more exotic which was related to economic interest. Therefore, many Bali cultural art activities included its sacred value have been eroded by a fast and fantastic secularization process in both quality and quantity.
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