• it is occasionally called sour finger carambola.
  • Averrhoa bilimbi, cucumber plant that bears a small fruit of the same species as the better known star fruit, but it is extremely sour and is used almost entirely as a flavoring
Taru Blimbing
Taru Blimbing
Taru Blimbing
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Taru Blimbing.png
Titiang taru blimbing. Daging dumalada, don titiang tis,babakan titiang dumalada,akah titiang dumalada, titiang anggen tamba dekah. Rereh don titiang makanti ring isen, kunyit tigang iris, anggen sembar. Malih babakan titiang anggen loloh, ra temutis,ketumbar Iimang besik. Tahap.
[example 1]
I am the Starfruit tree. The content of the substances is medium, my leaves are cool, my sap and bark is medium and can be used as cough remedy. Take my leaves and mix them with galangal and three slices of turmeric. Also, my bark can be used as herbal medicine. Mix it with temutis (a rhizome of the ginger family) and five coriander seeds and then drink the herbal mixture.

Taru blimbing1.jpg
Putu ngae rujak lalah melakar aji blimbing.
[example 2]
Putu makes spicy pickles from starfruit.

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