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  • a comb of; a bunch of (about banana) (Classifier) en
  • satu sisir (tentang pisang) (Classifier) id
Alus sor
Alus mider
Alus madya
Alus singgih
Bali dataran dialect
Bali aga dialect

Usage Examples

Nyoman : Om Swastiastu, Bu!

Ibu: Ye, Nyoman, kadén nak nyén! Engkén, éngkén Man? Nyoman : Baang meli biuné éné Bu, aijas. Ibu: Oh, meli biu, amen biu éné aji selaé (Rp 25.000), amen biu éné aji duang dasa. Ané cén kal alih, Man? Nyoman: Ané éné, gedé-gedé. Ibu: Ngelah gén nénénan! Nyoman: Krésék sik! Ibu: Sing dadi nganggon krésék, sing ada krésék. Nyoman sing nawang to ba kréséké to ba ngaé leteh gumi Bali! Jog sing nawang apa Nyoman nénénan! Nyoman: *ngaba biu nganggon bajuné

Ibu: Ngelah gén Nyoman totonan.
[example 1]
Nyoman: Om Swastiastu, ma'am!

Mother: Eh Nyoman, I guessed anyone! How, how can I help you, Man? Nyoman: I want to buy one banana, ma'am Mother: Oh, you want to buy a banana, this banana costs Rp. 25,000, and this banana costs Rp. 20,000. Which one do you want, Man? Nyoman: This one, the bigger. Mother: Ah, you are joking, Man! Nyoman: One crackle bag please! Mother: You can't use a crackle bag, it's not available here! Nyoman, doesn't you know? This crackle bag is what makes Bali's earth dirty! You dont know such a thing, Man! Nyoman: *carrying a banana in his shirt

Mother: He is so funny

Meme meli biyu di peken aijas. dugas mekere nyabran rahian, sawireh i meme tusing ngelah pipis payu tuah meli biu aijas di peken.
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