Manyama Len Rerama

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    Olih : Ni Kadek Ayuniari

    Driki ring LKS Widya Asih, Titiang ngijeng sareng timpal-timpal, Sane dereng uningin titiang, Nanging ten karasa galahe mangkin tiang, Sampun sakadi manyama sareng timpal-timpal,

    Suka duka sane karasayang, Rasayang iraga bareng-bareng, Yadiastun tiang sareng timpal-timpal tiang, Len meme len bapa, Nanging iraga manyama adung,

    Sawai-wai iraga mlajah, macanda, Bareng-bareng ten karasa suba, Titiang sane ngamalunin matilar, Timpal-timpal...., Astungkara iraga tetep manyama.

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