Taru poh wani

  • White mango; jack (Mangefira caesia) is a native to Southeast Asia. This tree has a large size, dense, and has a height of up to 30-45 meters. White mango fruit is oval with sour and sweet taste.
Taru poh wani
taru poh wani
taru poh wani
Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Taru poh wani
[example 1]
White mango; jack (Mangefira caesia)

Tiang poh wani, daging tiange panes, engket barak taler panes. Babakan titiang dumulada, akah titiang panes, dados anggen tamba ngetug. Ambil maka sami, makanti ring werirangbang, kacampur musi, sembar uluning weteng.
[example 2]
I am a white mango tree with hot substances and red sap. I have a medium stem bark, my roots are hot and can be used for cure heart disease. Take all the parts of my plant, mixed with red sulfur, anise, and then sprayed in the pit of the liver.

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