• central flowers few, large with campanulate corolla. Anther cells tailed at base. Fruit (achene) dry, 1-seeded, 10-ribbed, hairy at top. The leaves are used for a great many diseases: stomach problems, fever, worms, and against spasms.
  • (Asteraceaee / Compositae)
  • ngai, a softly hairy, half woody, strongly aromatic shrub, 1-4 meters (m) high. Simple, alternate, broadly elongated leaves, 7-20 cm long, with toothed margin and appendaged or divided base. Loose yellow flower head scattered along much-branched leafy panicles. Two types of discoid flowers: peripheral ones tiny, more numerous, with tubular corolla
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Ubad sakit pilek: lablab a kepel don sembung antuk yeh a gelas. Isinin gula batu utawi madu a bedik. Raris minum.
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A treatment for colds: boil a handful of Sambung leaves in 1 glass of water. Add sugar or honey as required and then drink the liquid.

Don Sembung dadi anggon ubad meriang
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  1. Usada Semeton Muntigunung; Zukunft fur Kinder