• a substitute; something to replace (about goods); exchanger; dubbed (Noun)
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

"Napi anggen nganti plastik nika, Pak?" Buin Luh Ayu Manik matakon. "Liu, Luh, yening mablanja ka peken, tas kain aba. Yening ka pura canange wadahin sokasi. Keto masih yening lakar nunas tirta eda nganggen kresek, aba wadah tirtane uli jumah," Pak Budi ngorahin Luh Ayu Manik penggantin plastik. "Yen kenten uli dugas niki tiang pelih krana tiang setata nganggen plastik. Uli mangkin tiang jagi ngirangin nganggen plastik. Tiang taler jagi nekedang indike niki teken reraman tiange miwah timpal-timpal tiange," Luh Ayu Manik nglanturang. "Inggih, Luh, dumogi jagate ene tusing ja nglantas cemer sangkaning plastik," Pak Budi ngimbuhin mamunyi. "Nggih, Pak, suksma sampun ngicenin tiang piteket." "Nggih, Luh, suksma mawali."
[example 1]
"What will we use in place of plastic, Pak?” asked Luh Ayu Manik. "There are many possibilities, Luh. If you go shopping at the market, just take a cloth bag. If you go to the temple, put your offerings in a woven container. Similarly, when going to request holy water, don’t use plastic but bring a container from home.” These were the suggestions made by Pak Budi to Luh Ayu Manik on how to replace plastic. "If that is the case, then I have been wrong because I have always used plastic. From now on I’ll use less plastic. I’ll also tell my parents and friends about this,” Luh Ayu Manik added. "Yes, Luh, I hope our environment here has not already been contaminated with plastic,” Pak Budi added. "Yes, I hope so too, Pak. Thank you for giving me this advice.” "That’s OK, Luh. Thank you too."

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