• fighting cock carried in a carrying bag or basket
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Berag makisa; berag masisa.
[example 1]
[proverb] Thin cock basket, thin left-over. “Makisa” is a coconut leaf wallet in which cocks are transported. “Masisa” means something left over. “Berag” is thin or skinny. This refers to a rich person who tries to save his money by not wanting to eat enough food and not wanting to eat expensive food, so that he can be rich. He is already rich and well able to do what he pleases, but he lives simply to save even more money. He is thin because he does not eat enough. If he would eat enough, there would be left-overs. If more than enough, there would be lots of left-overs. But, if there are no left-overs, it means that he is not having enough food prepared, and so will be thin , even though rich. Sometimes the expression: “Ia berag makisa” is used, which is just an abbreviation of the above.

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