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For the people of Bali for their safety and peace of mind. This is the work of the younger generation of Bali.

What happens after a volcanic eruption? Sometimes there is a lot of ash. And can the ash make it hard for us to breathe? Yes, it can, but there are a number of things that we can do to help. The first easy thing that we can do is to stay within shelter. Close all the doors and windows. If you have to go outside, wear a shirt with long sleeves and long trousers.

Hey … Grandma… do you have a mask? Yes .. I have a lot. Oh … a lot? Here’s one. Hahaha, Grandma. Not that kind of mask , Grandma! You don’t know anything. This is what is called a mask in English. Oh … same as the word for topeng . Ah .. now you understand. No … not like that, Grandma. When the volcano erupts you are going to play the clown? How are you going to be safe?

No .. here … here .. this is different.. like this. This is the mask. Oh a mask like that! Oh so this is how to wear it? . No .. just watch. Like this? No! Ahaa.. Like this! Hahaha. Is that right? No, Grandma, that is not how you wear a mask. Oh .. really? Then how? This is how you do it.

If you don’t have a mask: you can use a piece of cloth. Tie it tightly at the back of your head. You don’t have to wet the cloth. Use two layers of cloth.

If you only have an ordinary mask: put it on and place the elastic ties around the ears. Then place a sarong, bandana or shirt over it. And tie it at the back like this.

The best mask is the N95 mask: If you have one of these masks, use it and wear it properly. Place the top part on your nose and hold it in place with your fingers. Put the bottom part of the mask under your chin. Pull the top elastic tie above you head and put it high on the back of your head. Pull the lower elastic tie over your head and put it on the back of your neck, below your ears.

Use the tips of the fingers of both hands on each side of your nose. Press inwards and downwards. Ensure that the mask has been correctly fitted by covering the mask with both hands. Breathe deeply. You should have difficulty in breathing. If you feel there is air getting in, then you should adjust the mask and the elastic ties.

Remember that your safety is your own responsibility.