• sometimes faked by using a cheaper wood plus fragrant oil
  • Aquilaria malaccensis (Thymeleaceae) or several related species. Malayan aloeswood, Malayan eaglewoodwood. A tree with very aromatic wood, the most useful part of which contains a resin that results from insect attack
  • rare and expensive
  • may be used as a substitute for sandalwood
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Asep menyan maja gau; Tendas lengar matopong kau.
[example 1]
This is really not a proverb, but, rather, just a “fun” rhyme or joke that is said about a bald man. The first phrase doesn’t mean anything. Literally translated it is: Smoke of Maja Gau incense. Maja Gau, of Majugau, is a wood that I widely used to produce smoke that has a nice aroma, as a substitute for sandalwood in a “Pengasepan”. The second phrase is “bald head with a hat made of kau”. “Kau” is half of an empty coconut shell. “Matapong” means “wearing a hat”. You say the second phrase to “give sense to“ the first phrase. You have to elide a bit of the second to make its meter correspond to the first.

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