• meek
  • defeated
  • weak
  • exhausted
  • without will power
bayu endek
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Tiang madon klentange.
Literally meaning: I have leaves of the klentange; meaning is that the speaker is tired, because klentang is the fruit of the kelor tree and kelor sounds like lelor.

Ia mejukut dinatah.
[example 1]
He is growing (he has) vegetables in the yard. [proverb]

He is weak.

It is common to have a vegetable garden in the house yard. One popular thing to raise is the ‘kelor’ tree, because its leaves can be cooked as a vegetable, and its beans, ‘kelentang’ are very good as a vegetable. The word for ‘weak’ is ‘elor’ or ‘lelor’. So, if someone wants to say he is weak, he says that he is growing vegetables (kelor) in his garden. ( ‘jukut’ is a dish that can be made with ‘kelor’ leaves. AMP)

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