History of the Dictionary

Welcome to the BASAbali Wiki!

Suksma to the many people who are making the wiki happen!

The wiki was originally designed by Andru Vallance of TinyMighty and modified by Yaron Koren of Wiki Works. Alexey Klimovich has now taken the wiki to a new level of functionality. Purnawan Heyun Kadek, Ika Inggas, Kadek Hemawan, and Luciana Ferrero, Andru Vallance, Ayu Mandala and Bale Banjar USA helped make Balinese available as a wiki language which allowed BASAbali — and the public — to be able to use Balinese for this and other wikis.

The first contribution to the BASAbali wiki was Fred Eiseman’s unpublished Balinese-English dictionary, with many thanks to Eiseman’s assistant, Linud, and Eiseman’s estate for donating the dictionary. Brandon Yu, Toni Pollard, Robin Tatu, Jack Blaylock, Megan Harris, Margaret Cole, Wayan Mastriyana, Wulan Dari, Lucy McGilligan, John Kandjistent, Adrian Groom helped to edit this work and Prof. John Wolff and Adrian Vickers provided lexicographic assistance. We benefited greatly from the SEAlang Library as well.

The BASAbali wiki is a combination trilingual multi-media reference dictionary, encyclopedia, and digital library of traditional texts, modern Balinese literature and photographs, many of which are not otherwise available on line. The wiki now has over 11,000 entries with thousands of videos, photographs, articles and short stories entered by the over a quarter of a million people. In February 2015, BASAbali Wiki was named Semantic Media of the Month and it has been featured in Tempo Magazine, The Jakarta Post, Voice of America and others. Local artists, poets, songwriters, village heads and other local leaders encourage people to post to the wiki and a team of professional linguists and editors ensures the wiki’s integrity.

Add something to the Wiki and join in the movement to keep Balinese strong.