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  • dried fish; dried anchovies (Mider) (Noun) en
  • any sort of small, whole dried fish used both for food and to make fish meal for chicken feed (tepung). (Mider) (Noun) en
  • ikan kering; ikan teri kering (Mider) (Noun) id
Alus sor
Alus mider
Alus madya
Alus singgih
Bali dataran dialect
Bali aga dialect

Usage Examples

Be gerang sambel plecing jaan sajan yaning anggo darang nasi.
Plecing anchovy sauce is very good if you eat it with rice.

Ngorok gerang.
[example 1]
(proverb) Stab a gerang (a tiny little fish from the sea that is usually sold dried or salted). If you stab a live one, it does not produce any blood. Said of a person who does something that does not result in what he sets out to accomplish. Especially used if a man marries a thin woman who does not then have a baby because she not have strong energy. The man is disappointed in the woman. Always refers to something that is alive, not to a thing or an idea.

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  1. Fred Eiseman Jr - Proverbs, 1987