• large type of gangsing is used for planting ceremony at Munduk, Buleleng
  • a top; a toy that is spun by wrapping it with string and throwing it on the ground
gangsing; gasing
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Gasing utawi gangsing, dados pelaliane saking leluhur sane melakar antuk Kayu.

Jeneng nyane bunter pipih, ring sisin beduur medaging sane mewaste tendas tur di beten nyane medaging besi podol sane mewaste Paksi.

Gasing puniki dados anggen pelaliane antuk semeton dewasa utawi rare.
[example 1]
A top (gasing or also known as gangsing) is a kind of toy that spins on its axis and balances on a point. A top is the oldest kind of toy that has been found in archaeological sites and is still used today. As well as being a toy for children, it is also used by adults.

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