Plastic X Change Bali

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Name of Environmental Initiative
Plastic X Change Bali
Sustainability Development Goals
  • Good Health and Well-being
  • Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
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Category of Environmental Innovation or Project

What's the innovation or project?

Plastic X Change is a sustainability movement that empowers communities to change their waste behavior through dignity-based exchange systems that result in cleaner and healthier environments.

Why does the innovation or project matter?

To provide education in action for the community to handle waste from its source, namely from households Reducing waste wasted into the environment and helping the community during the Covid 19 pandemic by providing rice as compensation for the plastic collected

How do you or your team know that the innovation or project is working (or making a positive contribution)?

The community is able to carry out sorting of waste from home, especially plastic waste

What has contributed to the innovation or project working?

Reduction of plastic waste wasted into the environment and assistance of rice to help the community's basic needs

What else would help the innovation or project be more successful?

Support from various parties to become donors in providing rice

Is the innovation or project self-sustaining? If not, what needs to be done for that to happen?

Yes, it can

What Balinese value does this initiative invoke?

Tri Hitra Karana

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