Marine Buddies Denpasar

Name of Environmental Initiative
Marine Buddies Denpasar
Sustainability Development Goals
  • Climate Action
  • Life Below Water
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Category of Environmental Innovation or Project

Marine Conservation

What's the innovation or project?

Discussion on marine issues (Kopi Laut), Beach Clean up and Mangrove Planting.

Why does the innovation or project matter?

Indonesia is an archipelago where 2/3 of its territory is sea. In view of this, the sea has enormous potential to benefit the people of Indonesia, both in terms of its biodiversity and as well as its potential as transportation. However, at present the well-being of the Indonesian sea is under threat. Plastic waste, illegal fishing and over-exploitation are threats that the Indonesian sea is currently facing. This initiative aims to implement a campaign to engender love of the sea through the Marine Buddies (#TemanTamanLaut) movement. This movement invites the wider community to love the sea through recognition of the problems that exist and active involvement in activities that may provide solutions to tackling problems that arise in the sea.

How do you or your team know that the innovation or project is working (or making a positive contribution)?

What has contributed to the innovation or project working?

What else would help the innovation or project be more successful?

Is the innovation or project self-sustaining? If not, what needs to be done for that to happen?

What Balinese value does this initiative invoke?

People/groups to contact

Kissa (089601166806)