Bali Rare Paduraksa

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Bali Rare Paduraksa
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Conduct various research and research independently to be able to find and provide solutions to problems that occur around us. With the various experiences and disciplines possessed by each member of Bali Rare Paduraksa, we finally agreed to form this association with the main objective of managing and processing natural resources, providing training to improve human resources and developing culture-based environmentally friendly technology. With the joining of several figures in the fields of literature and culture, agriculture, organic practitioners and inorganic practitioners, the Bali Rare Paduraksa work program has been strengthened.

Why does the innovation or project matter?

How do you or your team know that the innovation or project is working (or making a positive contribution)?

What has contributed to the innovation or project working?

reducing waste to environment

What else would help the innovation or project be more successful?

Is the innovation or project self-sustaining? If not, what needs to be done for that to happen?

What Balinese value does this initiative invoke?

Tri Hita Karana

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