Eka Dasa Rudra

  • Largest of the state-wide Balinese ceremonies that is supposed to be held once every 100 years at Pr. Besakih, culminating on Tilem Kesanga. The last such ceremony was held in 1979, with its climax on Tilem Kesanga, March 28 eka Dasa, meaning eleven, refers to the eleven directions, the four cardinal points, the four intercardinal points, up, down, and center. Rudra refers to Siwa in his destructive form as the Aryan god Rudra. Previous to 1979 the ceremony was held in 1963 because of especially inauspicious circumstances, but it was interrupted by the eruption of Gunung Agung.
  • Eka Dasa Rudra is a series of processions, ceremonies, and sacrifices held every 100 years at Pura Besakih, the "mother temple" of Bali, Indonesia. The temple, which comprises about 30 separate temples honoring a great variety of Balinese and Hindu gods, was probably built about 1,000 years ago and is on the slopes of the volcanic mountain, Gunung ("Mount") Agung. On March 17, 1963, the Eka Dasa Rudra was under way when Agung catastrophically erupted and killed more than 1,500 people.
eka Dasa Rudra
Unknown [edit]
Eka dasa rudra
Northern Form

Usage Examples

Tiang taen tangkil ke Besakih dugas upacara Eka Dasa Rudra.

Eka dasa rudra kalaksanayang 100 tiban apisan.

Eka dasa rudra kalaksanayang ring Besakih.
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The Eleven Powers: Movie about the Eka Dasa Rudra ceremony in 1979.

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