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  • ("Erythrina lithosperma) coral tree. Medium to tall deciduous, often thorny tree with bright orange odorless flowers that are borne in racemes, and alternate, trifoliate leaves. Leaflets are ovate, about 12 cm. long and 8 cm. wide with small, triangular points. Dapdap is considered sacred because it grows quickly and readily from a stick stuck into the ground. For that reason, it is used to plant living fences. It is also widely used in offerings, especially those that are made for weddings and for those used when a body is prepared for burial. en
  • tumbuhan asli Indonesia, sbg peneduh ladang kopi dan penyubur tanah id
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Usage Examples

Don dadap kaintuk ring batu boreh sareng bawang miwah baas sane sampun kaemem ring toya sawatara ajam sane ngawinang baase punika bélék utawi mes. Raris kadagingin toya, lolohe punika kainem ping kalih sarahina. Dadap taler kaanggen tamba sakit panes utawi baang. Campuran sekadi wawu kaolesin ring weteng miwah pinggang kawastanin tamba uwap. Yening makarya uwap, rereh don dadap, giling sareng bawang, dagingin beras mes adikik, adas, ring batu gerinda, raris oles ring weteng miwah pinggang. Campuran puniki harus banggiang ring angga nyantos metu alami.
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The dadap leaves are ground on a batu boreh along with a bit of red Balinese onion and some uncooked white rice that has been soaked in water for about an hour to make it soft and easy to grind, called bas mes. Water is added, and the mixture is taken twice per day. Dadap is also used an an external medicine for fever. Such a mixture, applied to the stomach and waist, is called an uwap. To make uwap do dadap, grind the leaves, a red Balinese onion, a bit of baas mes, and a few grains of fennel, adas, on a grinding stone and apply to stomach and waist. This mixture should be left on the body until it comes off naturally.

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In Balinese:   Minakadi, taru Bingin, taru Majagau, taru Dadap, taru Kepelan, taru Awar-Awar, miwah sane tiosan.

In English:  

In Indonesian:  

In Balinese:   Yowana Bali uling Desa Dadap Putih, Kecamatan Busungbiu, Buleleng ene kaukina Pande.

In English:   He is currently developing a pilot Edition XI: “STARTUP PROFILE” for his company.

In Indonesian:   Kami juga memberikan 402 beasiswa bagi pendaftar PTK daerah 3T dan non 3T serta 1500 beasiswa pendaftar CPNS 2021,” paparnya.
  1. Fred Eiseman, Usada Bali, 2001