• An insect with large wings, like a flying ant, that comes at masan matajuk (rice planting season, at the start of the rainy season). The insect loses its wings, which litter the ground. Legend is that it comes from a termite, tetani, and, when it dies, to turn into padang teki, a kind of grass.
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Unknown [edit]
Northern Form

Usage Examples

Cara dadaluné, kampid baan nyilih. Yen masan sabeh, sinah akeh wenten dedalu.
Literally: “Like the dadalu borrowing wings”. It is said that the dadalu borrows his wings and then leaves them behind after a short time. This expression is used to refer to a person who borrows something from someone else in such a way that others will think it is his own property and not borrowed. It is also used when you really do have something nice and you do not want others to know that you actually own it, but, rather want them to think that it is borrowed.

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