Prepare for Tougher Restrictions on Daily Life in Denpasar, Bali

Prepare for Tougher Restrictions on Daily Life in Denpasar, Bali
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      From Bali Discovery:

      Denpasar's plan to introduce stricter control on individual movement and physical distancing is gradually making itself felt.

      As reported by, in addition to the mandatory requirement to wear surgical masks in most building and urban villages, the Denpasar Transportation Directorate in cooperation with law enforcement agencies are setting up checkpoints on the access roads leading to Denpasar.

      These checkpoints will be equipped to carry out COVID-19 Rapid Tests for drivers from outside Denpasar heading towards the capital city. A Rapid Test Post was put in operation on Monday, 11 May 2020, at the Uma Anyar Checkpoint in Ubung, North Denpasar.

      The head of the Transportation Division for Denpasar, Ketut Sriawan, said the checkpoints being established at the borders of the City are in keeping with other steps underway such as recommendations to use surgical masks and guidelines for a hygienic and healthy life (PHBS). On duty at the checkpoints are officials from the Health Department, Armed Forces, Police, and other municipal agencies.

      Drivers entering Denpasar from other areas of Indonesia will be required to submit to having their temperatures taken and undergoing a COVID-19 Rapid Test. 60 Rapid Test Machines have been deployed for use at the checkpoints located on the highways entering Bali. Drivers and passengers who do not have a surgical mask will be given a mask without cost by the municipality and instructed in their use.

      The head of the Denpasar Task Force for the Mitigation of COVID-19, Dewa Gede, told the press that the rapid tests being carried out on the access roads to Bali would provide the Denpasar Government with an idea of the number of "positive" cases entering the City. If that number is significant, even stricter protective measures may be implemented by the Task Force.

      Any person entering Denpasar and testing "positive" for COVID-19 will be referred to a local hospital for isolation and treatment.

      One driver interviewed by, Agus Purnomo, said he was delighted with the plans for rapid testing for COVID-19. He explained that the program of testing would provide him with a letter certifying that he has been tested and was non-reactive. "I think this is very good, what's more because I am always traveling around. Now it will be safer because I will have a health certificate," said Agus as he proudly showed his test showing a negative result for a rapid test.

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