The Kingdom of the Caves

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Hetty Bradley
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    THE KINGDOM OF CAVES - Magic Under The Mountain and its sequel Rescue Of The Realm, place modern children in an ancient and fantastic setting. While on the island of Bali, a group of friends adventure in a labyrinth of caves beneath the sacred Mount Agung. Within its depths, journeying through caves and into other realms, the children experience incredible sights, exciting, but perilous situations, and witness legendary deities in a battle. When they emerge from their time-looped travels, they find they have learned more about themselves, and a wonderful, enchanting culture. The author hopes his tale will become a timeless family classic, much as Bali is. With her own heart captured by Bali, she imparts the core wisdoms of life with an energy and pace that will capture and hold the imagination of any child - of any age!

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