Luh Ayu Manik Mas 3

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      • Review by: Putu Pratiwi Arisena and Desak Made Susi Legawantari
      Luh Ayu Manik was looking for plastic bag to bring offering to school but her mother suggested her to use cloth bag. She refused it. after school, she watched TV and she found an ad that told people to reduce the use of plastic bag. But she didn't know why it was so. Then, she asked her mother about the reason, however her mother didn't know. She suggested her to ask her teacher at school about it. The next day, she asked her teacher, Pak Budiadnyana about the problem. The teacher explained that plastic is very dangerous not only for environment, but also for people's health. In her Banjar, there was some teenagers who made ogoh-ogoh and they threw the trash in the river. The trash blocked the river. on Pengerupukan Day, after the parade of ogoh-ogoh there was a young man cried because he was afraid of a plastic monster in the river. Luh Ayu Manik knew about this and she turned into Luh Ayu Manik Mas. She defeated the monster. The day after Nyepi, Luh Ayu Manik and friends cleaned the river from plastic trash.

      The good point : The story is good because it includes local genius and culture such as Nyepi, Ogoh-ogoh and Pengerupukan.

      The lack point :

      When the teenagers threw the trash in the river, Luh Ayu Manik didn't remind them, meanwhile she already knew that was dangerous.


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