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  • set of small cymbals attached to a base, often in the form of a turtle, which, when struck rapidly by a similar pair of cymbals held in the hand of the player, provides a rapid and varying rhythmic accompaniment to many types of Balinese music en
  • rhythm instrument of a gong kebyar en
  • 1) semacam bering-bering pipih yang dipukul-pukulkan kedua belahnya waktu membunyikan untuk menimbulkan suara riuh sehingga tambah beralun

2) sifat dari seorang perempuan yang suka bicara (peribahasa) 3) penguasa id

Alus sor
Alus mider
Alus madya
Alus singgih
Bali dataran dialect
Bali aga dialect

Usage Examples

Kanti cara cengceng kebes Memene I Made ngorahin, ngonkon ngedasin kamarne.
[example 1]
Despite I Made’s mother yelling at him like a rapid clashing of cracked cymbals way, I Made still didn’t clean up his room (said of a person who talks a great deal).

Meme kualonne lamis cara cengceng kebes.
[example 2]
Step mother is fussy like small broken gong. It means to be fussy and to talk a lot. (a saying)

Sang Prabu Rahwana nyengcengang gumine di Lengka Pura
[example 3]
King Rawana rules the kingdom of Alengka Pura.

Cengceng bleganjure gede-gede munyinne masi gede
[example 4]
Sound of small gong for bleganjur is loud and also hard.

Cengceng kebes.
Refers to someone who talks a lot. Kebes means broken off at the edge, cengceng is so broken makes a louder sound that normal

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  4. Kamus Bali-Indonesia tahun 1977 hal 127