• popular Balinese card game Cards are small, about 25 x 575 cm Game is played by five players and requires two decks of cards, each deck containing 60 cards Each card has a distinctive border and geometric pattern within Each of the decks of 60 has 30 different designs, two identical cards per deck, or a total o f four identical cards per game with two decks After placing money in the pot, each player is dealt 11 cards There is no further betting The object of the game is to discard and draw cards from the unused remaining cards or from the discards of other players that will result in a player's holding one of several winning combinations of similar or identical cards, somewhat like poker Discarding and drawing proceeds around the circle of players in a clockwise direction The winner of the entire pot is the first player to declare that he h as achieved one of the winning combinations
Northern Form

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liu anake demen magadang sambilang maceki
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