• length of bamboo from just below one node to just below the next adjacent node
  • a container, often used for holy water (or for tuak, arrows, etc), made from bamboo
  • a musical instrument, the keys of which are made from bamboo
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Bungbung malakar aji tiing. Duur lan betenne kategep sebeten beten buku. Tatujone apang ada bolong anggon wadah tirta sane katunas di pura. Keto masih apang ada empet apang tirta sane katunas tusing bedah. Bungbung puniki kaisinin plawa di muncukne, keto masih kakaput putih kuning.
[example 1]
A bungbung is made from bamboo. The top and the base are both cut below a node in the bamboo. The purpose of this is to make a vessel for storing the holy water that is requested at a temple. Similarly, there is a cover which prevents the holy water from spilling out. The bungbung is decorated with leaves at the top and wrapped in yellow and white cloth.

  1. Made Sugianto