Bulung jaja

  • after a second drying it turns from a dark brown to a very light tan color
  • it is then soaked in water and finally boiled in water and cooked
  • when thoroughly cooked, palm sugar is added
  • special seaweed called locally bulung jaja is gathered
  • finished jaja is firm and soft, like gelatin
  • it is abundant only during the rainy season, often found washed up on the beach
  • a very dark brown color, darker than ongol-ongol and rather translucent and shiny
  • it is dried in the sun, mixed with lime, and then soaked, but not squeezed
bulung jaja
Alus sor
Alus mider
Alus madya
Alus singgih
Bali dataran dialect
Bali aga dialect

Usage Examples

I Meme setata magapgapan bulung jaja sabilang ka peken.
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