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Wacana Sad Krti dalam Kakawin Purwaning Gunung Agung

Kakawin Purwaning Gunung Agung.jpg
Wacana Sad Krti dalam Kakawin Purwaning Gunung Agung
Original language
    Dinas Kebudyaan Provinsi Bali
    Publication date
    • sastra
    • kakawin
    • gunung agung
    • sad krti
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    Dinas Kebudayaan Provinsi Bali
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                      The book entitled Discourse Sad Krti in Kakawin Purwaning Gunung Agung reviews the essence of Kakwin Purwaning Gunung Agung which provides solutions to contemporary problems, namely regarding the environment or ecology as the source of human life both physically and mentally. Furthermore, this review of the environment is full of philosophical-religious values ​​of Balinese culture. In his commentary, ecological wisdom is manifested in efforts to maintain harmony with nature or the environment. Mountains, sea, forests, lakes, rice fields, and the earth or country are all parts of Sad Krti (six praiseworthy actions to cause fame)