Understanding Balinese Woodcarvings 1920-2020

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Understanding Balinese Woodcarvings 1920-2020
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  • Roland Smeets
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  • Art
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                    With 300 pages, 300 hundred statues and 600 photographs, this large hardcover book of 35x29cm is the ultimate guide about Balinese woodcarvings, and a collectors item on its own. Autodidact and Balinese wood carving expert Roland Smeets brings the statues from Bali back to live. Never before was there a book where mythology statues, gods and figures not only getting the right name, but you can also read about the history of woodcarving, you will find hundreds of Hindu and other mythology stories and forgotten tales, revealing at last the meaning of the statues. Although Art Deco statues have much less to tell, the book contains also interesting facts and Art Deco statues. Roland did study Wayang, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Kamasan paintings, Tantri tales and many other fables in combination with the 300 statues from his stunning collection. The information on internet and even famous auction houses is so bad that this catalogue is not only for the common collector, but also experts can upgrade their knowhow on a large scale. This ones flourishing art did lost the interest of the new generations, not only in the western world but also in Bali. Roland his main goal was to preserve the history and meaning of the woodcarvings of Bali. Still till today, he support many woodcarvers in Bali to keep this art, the stories, and their meaning alive. The Balinese are also very enthusiastic about this book because believe it or not, most carvings and their stories and meanings did get lost over the years in Bali.