Tutur Parakriya: Kontemplasi dan Rekonstruksi Moral Hindu

Tutur Parakriya: Kontemplasi dan Rekonstruksi Moral Hindu
Original language
  • Nilacakra
Publication date
  • lontar
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                  [EN] Lontar Tutur Parakriya describes a conversation between Bhatara Siwa and his son, Bhatara Kumara. The narration in this palm-leaf manuscript begins with Bhatari Uma's request that Bhatara Kumara ask Bhatara Siwa about the teachings that lead one to liberation. Bhatara Kumara then asked about the origin of the universe. Everything that exists comes from God in the spiritual realm (niskala). From the stagnant state then arises the basic material forms of the universe called the matras. From the matras, following successive nada, windu and ardhacandra which then causes a condition called wiswa. From wiswa comes letters which included swara (vowels) and wyanjana (consonants) which were the embodiments of the gods. With the embodiment of such gods, the priests are encouraged to worship them equipped with pure paraphernalia consisting of flowers, seeds, rice, incense, oil lamps and sandalwood water. The use of such equipment is in line with the understanding of the holiness of the form of God Almighty, which is stated in various media including Omkara. The manifestation of God in other relationships is in the relationship between the god and the cardinal directions. This Tutur Parakriya lontar manuscript is mostly about phonetic characters and combinations of those characters that give birth to various forms in the universe. By processing various types of letters, various types of energy will be obtained for human life. This palm-leaf manuscript is not a historical record, but a teaching called aksara yoga. Some mystics in Bali use a combination of lettters to gain mystical power.