Myth, Magic and Mystery in Bali

Myth, Magic and Mystery in Bali
  • Ida Bagus Putra Adnyana
  • Ketut Budiana
PT. Phoenix Communications
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  • magic
  • myth
  • ritual
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                  "Myth, Magic and Mystery in Bali is essentially a collection of stories, but it is much more than you would expect. In their own way, each story provides unique insight into the lives, beliefs and even the psyche of the Balinese people – at times presented with great humour. The stories are grouped into 4 special chapters: Myth, Magic, Mystery and “Love, Life and Laughs”, focusing on a particular nuance or aspect of Balinese life and culture. Jean Couteau takes us deep into local culture, through village myths and religious folklore, mystic rites and eye-opening first hand accounts. Whilst each story stands alone, the book as a whole tells us a full and complete story – the story of who and what Bali is all about."