Fragile Traditions

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Fragile Traditions
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    University of Hawaii Press
    ASIN B007K4VW9W
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    • Art
    • anthropology
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                      Edited by Paul Michael Taylor: This volume brings together a unique group of case studies about several endangered forms of Indonesian art. The essays assess the effects on this artistic heritage of certain national and international phenomena , especially the primitive art market and various kinds of private and institutional collecting. The authors, who have extensive experience in Indonesian communities, find that many vibrant art traditions in this region are threatened by these forces. Collections of indigenous art and material culture have always been recognized as sources of information about the people who produced the objects. Increasingly, collections and collecting institutions are also being analyzed as expressions of the cultural presumptions of the societies that are marketing or assembling the collections. This book, by contrast, investigates the effects of the market in collectible art on the small, indigenous communities where traditional artworks are produced. Citation: Taylor, Paul Michael (editor) 1994 Fragile Traditions: Indonesian Art in Jeopardy. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. Contents: Foreword / Suwati Kartiwa -- Introduction / Paul Michael Taylor -- "Without cloth we cannot marry" : the textiles of Lamaholot in transition / Ruth Barnes -- Rape of the ancestors : discovery, display, and destruction of the ancestral statuary of Tana Toraja / Eric Crystal -- The adaptation of indigenous forms to Western taste : the case of the Nias / Jerome Feldman -- The responsible and the irresponsible : observations on the destruction and preservation of Indonesian art / Jean-Paul Barbier -- The nusantara concept of culture : local traditions and national identity as expressed in Indonesia's museums / Paul Michael Taylor -- International art collecting, tourism, and a tribal region in Indonesia / Laurence A.G. Moss -- Whither Dayak art? / Michael Heppell -- Unraveling narratives / Shelly Errington.