Dongeng dari Utara

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Dongeng dari Utara
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    Akar Indonesia
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                        I went through three different realms which then influenced the creative process in writing poetry. First, agricultural nature in Tabanan—where I was born and tasted the sweetness of age until I was a teenager. Second, the urban nature of Denpasar, a place where I absorb and gather knowledge to make myself more mature, socialize and have fun with intellectuals or vagabonds in the truest sense. Third, the coastal nature in Singaraja, when I work—in the sense of working seriously to make a living and save material things. All three are still in Bali. And Balo is small. The three realms in the three regions are close to each other, no more than 60 kilometers. But each gives a different climate, atmosphere and weather. Tabanan agrarian, Denpasar urban, Singaraja maritime. Tabanan is relatively cold, Denpasar is hot, Singaraja is hot. The poems collected in this book are largely influenced by the three realms. Nature where you are born and grow, nature where you learn and grow, nature where you live and preserve life. And I do write poetry about something that lives within me, or something outside of myself that makes me live. ~ Made Adnyana Ole