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                    Instinctively blengbong and natural conditions are a condition in the middle of the sea with a dark cloud atmosphere, with strong winds and storms. There are two options if someone is in the current condition, whether to continue inward or return to the shore. If the choice continues, then after the next storm there will be a group of fish that are looking for food due to the influence of the storm that previously blew over the sea. However, from a natural phenomenon that is both unique and poetic, in the context of poetry, blengbong can refer to the poet’s inner restlessness when giving birth to his creative works. Struggling with thoughts and feelings is like facing a stupor that eventually sublimes into enlightenment. In the context of the literary candradimuka crater built by Umbu Landu Paranggi, blengbong is a symbol of creative struggles and struggles, from the parade post to penetrating cultural posts. This is similar to modern artists, especially poetry, who from earlier times only considered that the art of poetry was an inhabitant of a quiet space. However, unlike today, non-traditional artists have received attention from the government, one of which is the preparation of a Balinese cultural center, which will later serve as a place to express skills in both modern and traditional arts. This was said by Mrs. Putri Suastini Koster during the launching of the Blengbong Poetry Poetry Post Culture Book, which was coupled with the closing of the Bali Bangkit Volume II Exhibition, at the Craft Art Center Building, Denpasar, Tuesday (25/5). Blengbong book came out of his love for Umbu Landu Paranggi, where he is a poetry artist who focuses and is known for his legendary works that are admired by many circles. “Don’t look up to him only in his poetry, but look at his humble personality, focused as an adhesive. Let us dive into the science into the seven layers of the earth downwards but refrain from soaring up to the seventh heaven. Be humble and let others judge, ”said Mrs. Putri Koster during her remarks. Mrs. Putri Koster added, “Our job right now is only to work, then to produce quality young artists with soaring works. Let those of us who can still work, be able to protect intangible assets in the form of art, tradition and culture for creativity and creation that do not go out of the way. “ By starting small so that you are able to support big things, then you can do small things with great love, so you can produce great works to protect your ancestral heritage. “With the launch of this book, it is hoped that it can give rise to the passion of the artists to be creative in giving motivation and strength as well as being able to nourish the mind and heart,” he said. The launch of the book Blengbong Sajak Sajak Poyair Pos Budaya, compiled by Ketut Syahruwardi Abbas, GM Sukawidana and Wayan Jengki Sunarta, was also filled with a number of poetry reading performances by Umbu Landu Paranggi. The book which is an offering to the teacher (Umbu Landu Paranggi) consists of three hundred and fourteen (314) poems from post cultural poets. On this occasion, Mrs. Putri Koster and a number of invitees also took the time to visit the visual art exhibition of I Nyoman Wirata, at the Craft Building, Bali Cultural Park.