Bali vs COVID-19

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Bali vs COVID-19
Original language
  • Ni Luh Putu Trisdyani
(P) 978-623-7352-59-4; (E) 978-623-7352-58-7
Publication date
November 2020
  • Covid-19 Pandemic
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              The Balinese people who were also affected by the spread of the Covid 19 outbreak had to adapt to this unpleasant situation and conditions. The social, cultural and religious activities that characterize the daily phenomena of Balinese people disappear from public spaces. Activities online have become a new sociocultural pattern of society, both in education, government, economy, and other social interactions. The implementation of yadnya from the family level, paibon, banjar, traditional village, to the kahyangan universe is also carried out at the simplest level possible so that it does not involve large numbers of people. On the other hand, the function and role of traditional villages, which initially tended to be related only to social, cultural and religious activities, are now also playing an important role in efforts to contain this outbreak. The sociocultural material of Balinese society as a consequence of implementing the Covid 19 response policy is certainly interesting to reveal in depth, as the efforts made by the authors of this book.