Bali and Beyond

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Bali and Beyond
Original language
  • Colin Simpson
  • S.T. Lie
Angus and Robertson
Publication date
  • culture
  • Art
  • nature
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                    Bali is Bali as it is. Lovely, but not over-glamorized. Realistic, yet sensitively appreciated. So Australia's top travel writer is, again in this book, the best of guides for the actual traveller or the armchair one. The author makes nonsense of the assumption that Bali has been spoit by tourists. In fact, Balinese culture is being preserved, and Balinese crafts improved because of tourism. Colin Simpson describes the dancing and other arts of Bali. His writing of the Ketjak dance is memorable. His chapter -The muddy-legged musician- conveys vividly the life of a typical "cultured peasant", a ricefarmer whose other role is in the gamelan orchestra. You go with the aurhor to a Balinese nobleman's cremation: it turns out to be a joyous occasion. You are told where you can stay, what you can buy, how and where you can best eat and drink. And Beyond To Java Bali is as the doorstep. So why not enter Indonesia's most important island? Colin Simpson goes to some cities and the pictureszue upland of Central Java. And to North Sumatra, where not many tourists go, yet. There is a great mountain-rimmed lake to see and, beside Lake Toba, are remarkable high-peaked houses of the Batak people. A fascinating journey has been beautifully illustrated with 24 pages of colour plates.